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Rāpare 12 Whiringa-ā-rangi 2015

Published: 8:12PM Thursday November 12, 2015

  •  (Source: Te Karere)
    Raniera 'Sonny' Tau - Source: Te Karere

Sonny Tau faces new charge as he pleads guilty to hunting kererū

Ngāpuhi leader Sonny Tau has pleaded guilty to hunting and possessing kererū. Mr Tau had previously pleaded guilty to possessing the birds, but not guilty to hunting them until today in court, guilty pleas for both charges were entered.


MPs’ walkout goes global while plight of NZ detainees goes neglected

The stand made by a number of female MPs yesterday after the prime minister was not made to apologise for his ‘backing rapists’ comments has hit international headlines. However, one Māori MP questions whether this has detracted from the main focus of their efforts to gain more support for NZ detainees who were held on Christmas Island.

‘Doesn’t the PM of NZ remember me?’ asks detained ex-Kiwi soldier

Debates are escalating over the former Kiwi soldier who was part of the prime minister’s security detail in Afghanistan five years ago, being held on Christmas Island without charge. The extent of the damage done at Christmas Island is revealed after new videos have emerged of the damage left following the riots over the last few days. Some of the Kiwi detainees have been moved off the island.

Tribunal grants urgent hearing into Corrections

The Waitangi Tribunal has agreed to hold an urgent hearing into the Corrections Department. A former prison officer has filed the claim and is backed by his iwi. Tom Hemopo claims Corrections has a long history of failing Māori inmates.

King Tūheitia bestows Order of the Taniwha upon Hawaiian ambassador

King Tūheitia has bestowed one of his highest honours to a prominent Native Hawaiian attorney. Ivan Lui-Kwan is the King's ambassador to the United States and Hawaii. He is the first non-Māori and foreigner to be invested with a special order from the king.

Taki Rua presents ‘All Our Sons’

This year, the centenary of World War I has been marked in many ways by many countries. Now Māori theatre company Taki Rua Productions has stamped its unique mark on the milestone.