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Rāpare 07 Hui-tānguru 2013

Published: 8:05PM Thursday February 07, 2013

  • High unemployment statistics
    High unemployment statistics

Mainzeal fallout coincides with release of unemployment figures

One of the country's largest construction companies has gone bust, and more than 400 jobs are now under the knife.  Mainzeal is expected to go into receivership with workers hearing of their fate this morning.  This comes as new figures released today show unemployment is stubbornly high. 

NZ’s largest carving moved to Te Matatini venue

The largest carving in NZ was relocated to its new home today. The carving is part of a collection of carvings that make up a mahau (awning) that will be erected as part of the staging of Te Matatini national kapa haka competition at the Rotorua International Stadium set to take place in two weeks' time.

Rūnanga oppose mining project in Canterbury

A mining company is prospecting in Albury, South Canterbury, in the hopes of mining coal. But Te Rūnanga o Arowhenua strongly opposes the move. They say the land is sacred and that no jobs for locals will be created.

Coromandel ‘no mining’ group triumphant

A good outcome has resulted from the group Ngā Kaitiaki o te Awaawa o Manaia’s protest. Last week they protested on land that was granted in a mining exploration permit. Now the company who holds the permit, Broken River, has informed the group that if the iwi is highly concerned, then they will withdraw the permit.

Morgan: One iwi entity to be looked into

Waikato-Tainui descendants gathered over the past two days to discuss the iwi's future. King Tuheitia called the conference, and the disbandment of the iwi's governing groups was one of the topics discussed. Tuku Morgan, a spokesman for the King, spoke to us today of the outcome of the gathering.

Novopay problems continue to pile up

Top people in education met this afternoon to hammer out details of the pending ministerial inquiry into failed payroll system Novopay. However, a school administrator has a solution to the issue - she suggests they return to the old pay system to save everyone the stress.

Death toll could rise in Solomons

There are fears the death toll could rise in the Solomon Islands after a powerful earthquake triggered a tsunami. Six people were killed when the one metre wave surge swept through coastal communities yesterday afternoon. There are still a number of people missing. In the town of Lata, up to 100 homes have been destroyed and in Nela, 95% of homes are completely gone. Last night, Civil Defence lifted the tsunami-watch in NZ, but says a minor threat still remains on the West Coast, from Taranaki to Milford Sound. It's warning that there may be unusual water conditions, including tidal surges and strong currents, so people should exercise caution before entering the water today.

Jones: Mainzeal fallout will hit families hard

Labour MP Shane Jones talks to us about current political issues including unemployment and Waitangi Day.