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Rāmere 16 Whiringa-ā-nuku 2015

Published: 6:39PM Friday October 16, 2015

  •  (Source: Te Karere)
    Ex-veterans tell PM John Key at Company C House that they oppose changing the national flag - Source: Te Karere

Ex-veterans in Gisborne say no to new flag as John Key visits the area

Today our PM was visiting a region where almost half the population is Māori. Māori from the Gisborne region were keen to showcase the positive developments happening in the area but conveyed to John Key that the area is also struggling. When he visited Company C House John Key was told by ex-veterans that they do not support changing the national flag.

Māori contribution to Australian economy worth fighting contentious immigrant policy - John Key

Malcolm Turnball, the PM of Australia, will arrive in NZ today. Approximately 200 New Zealanders are detained in Australian immigration detention centres. This will be one of the major agenda items between he and John Key this weekend. It’s a situation that has outraged whānau and advocacy groups over the last few weeks.

Institutional racism and discrimination giving Māori a poor bill of health

Institutional racism and discrimination are still prevalent in the health sector; the results are a part of the Ministry of Health’s report on Māori health. The countries race relations commissioner said she's shocked but not surprised, while Māori health professional John Tamihere jibed that he was shocked the statistics weren't higher.

All Blacks mentally focused to beat France this Sunday

The All Blacks' opponents for the quarter final appear divided, unhappy and out of form. Just today news has broken that the French team has sacked their coach. But the All Blacks promise they're not being lured into a false sense of security. Past history has taught them the folly of such thinking. It appears a number of Māori players will be crucial to the All Blacks' hopes this Sunday in their juggernaut match against France at Cardiff, Wales.

Te Teko Rugby Club celebrates 125th anniversary

Te Teko Rugby Club celebrates their 125th anniversary over three days starting today. A tamariki and mātua sports day will be followed by a band at Kōkōhīnau. The club will catch the All Blacks action live from Kōkōhīnau Marae on Sunday, followed by a presentation of jerseys that night for the team’s members from throughout the years.

Tame Iti – spiritual inspirer

Eight years on since the Tūhoe raids and Tame Iti, who was at the face of it all, faces another destiny. Reminding his people of who they are, through his public murals in Tāneatua, right to his very own art gallery. Choosing his new hobby over his days of protesting, he says it's time for a new generation to rise up and articulate their views.