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Rāhina 08 Hōngongoi 2013

Published: 7:43PM Monday July 08, 2013

  • Sealord’s South American venture sinks
    Sealord’s South American venture sinks

Sealord’s South American venture sinks

Iwi are demanding answers as dreams of hauling in fisheries riches hit troubled waters in South America.  A Sealord venture called Yuken based in Ushuaia, Argentina, the southernmost city in the world, has run aground because of a troubled economy and decline in deep sea species like hoki and warehou. Sealord is 50% owned by Māori and it looks as though dividends won't be paid to iwi this year.

First town to ban legal highs

From today retailers in Putaruru will no longer stock or sell any synthetic cannabis or herbal highs. Whilst there may be individual outlets in New Zealand that have stopped stocking these items, this town has come together to make a stand.

Police release name of man killed in shootout

An elderly couple is in hospital after the violent home invasion which led to today's fatal police shoot out in Auckland.

Tribunal hears Whangaroa treaty claim

The Waitangi Tribunal hearing for Whangaroa Papa Hapū began today. The hapū is part of Te Kāhui o Te Papa Rahi o Te Raki, a group set up to manage Ngāpuhi's Treaty claims. The hearing will be held over one week.

Māori aim to navigate through online world

A push is coming from Māori ICT experts for more Māori to participate and engage their iwi and hapū through online and digital media. But with that territory comes the need to raise awareness around managing untoward websites towards Māori people.

Hekia Parata: There’s still more work to do

Minister of Education Hekia Parata joins us to discuss current political issues including an increase in education statistics and world-renown educationalist Andreas Schleicher visiting NZ.