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Rāhina 04 Here-turi-kōkā 2014

Published: 8:55PM Monday August 04, 2014

  • New Zealand’s role in World War 1 (Source: Breakfast)
    New Zealand’s role in World War 1 - Source: Breakfast

Centenary of the beginning of WW1

Commemorations are being held around the world to mark a hundred years since the beginning of World War One. It was a conflict that would see more than 18,000 NZ soldiers killed - a small portion of those were Māori. A descendant of those who went to World War One says Māori fought a war of their own both there and when they returned. 

Politicians challenged to support 'First in Family' policy

The NZ University Students Association has called out some of the country’s biggest leaders today to demand the installation of the 'First in Family' targeted scholarship scheme.

Bereaved whānau return to Ruamata

Te Kura Kaupapa Māori o Ruamata welcomed the return of Tunohopu leader Rawiri Rangitauira’s widow, and principal of the school, Cathy Dewes, and her whānau. It was an emotional homecoming as they also celebrated Te Puku o te Ika’s ranking in the top four haka groups.

Kapa haka winners bring home the message

Te Wharekura o Rakaumangamanga weren’t as interested in talking about winning as they were at having the opportunity to reignite their 'kaupapa’ into this new generation. The students realise many of their generation have forgotten important tikanga and historical events, but they wanted to remind the world what is important lies in our own Māori history.

Kapa haka at Edinburgh Tattoo

The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo is Scotland's biggest and most popular show, and this year, 50 of our best kaihaka are part of the sold-out event.

Tiare Māori steer their way to Waka Ama Champs in Rio

As Brazil settles down from hosting the Football World Cup, it now opens its gates to the multitudes traveling across the world’s oceans for the Waka Ama World Championships. Our reporter Pere Wihongi caught up with one of the many teams fortunate enough to qualify.