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Rāhina 02 Mahuru 2013

Published: 7:48PM Monday September 02, 2013

  • Kōhanga Reo management should be returned to iwi, says Puketapu
    Kōhanga Reo management should be returned to iwi, says Puketapu

Kōhanga Reo management should be returned to iwi, says Puketapu

A forefather of the Kōhanga Reo movement says the management of kōhanga reo should be given back to iwi. Kara Puketapu is part of the group that brought the Kōhanga Reo movement to the Crown and he's saying we need to go back to its roots.

Labour leadership: Strong support for Jones in Northland

Labour Party faithful in Northland see Shane Jones as a vital part of the party's leadership. Former Labour Party candidate for Whangarei Pat Newman says Cunliffe and Jones can lead Northland and NZ out of the rut it is currently in.

Labour leadership: What are Robertson’s views on Māori issues?

Labour leader hopeful Shane Jones is no stranger to Te Karere viewers, but do you know who Grant Robertson is? You may have heard he's in an openly gay relationship with a Māori partner, but what do we know about his views on Māori issues? The Helen Clark prodigy says if he becomes the next leader, he wants the police commissioner to apologise to Tūhoe for the Urewera raids.

Māori business leaders emerge from US bootcamp

What has been the benefit of the week long boot camp at Stanford University in San Francisco, USA, for Māori CEOs? Our reporter put this question to the group.

Rotorua commemorates former US First Lady’s visit to NZ

Seventy years have passed since Eleanor Roosevelt’s visit to NZ, but today her trip is being commemorated by the Rotorua community. The city is one of the three places she visited, and amongst the many who saw the former First Lady, there is one kuia who remembers the event fondly.

Hekia Parata: Grievances should be settled by Kōhanga Reo trust

So if a founding father of the Kōhanga Reo movement has lost faith in the Kōhanga Reo National Trust, what does the Minister of Education think? We put this and other questions to the minister, Hekia Parata.