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Rāapa 31 Hōngongoi 2013

Published: 7:12PM Wednesday July 31, 2013

  • Te Ika a Maui, Te Waipounamu to be officially decided on
    Te Ika a Maui, Te Waipounamu to be officially decided on

Te Ika a Maui, Te Waipounamu to be officially decided on

The NZ Geographic Board is set to reveal to the Government its decision today on the official names of NZ's two main islands. The board wants to make the North and South names official, but had also been consulting with the public about whether to also formally assign official alternative Māori names to the islands.

Sealord fronts up to iwi

Meetings between Sealord and iwi, who are a part of Aotearoa Fisheries, are underway to explain the reason behind a shortfall in returns this year and where to from here.

Debate over the use of ‘whakapohane’

Last year, Hinewhare Harawira bared her buttocks to a group of elderly outside Te Tii Marae’s kaumatua flats in Waitangi and now the matter is being debated in the Māori Land Court.

Te Arawa FOMA calls for innovation in farming

Te Arawa FOMA is calling for Māori farm owners and operators to collaborate and explore new science to improve the land use, and further implement clean energy farming.

Study recommends fat tax to improve health

A fat tax is being discussed as a way to improve the health of New Zealanders, that’s according to new research. The breakthrough study by Otago University researchers shows that switching just 5% of your daily energy intake from animal fats to plant fats decreases heart disease by 10%.

Iwi input included in cruise ship terminal refurbishment

After 100 years on the Auckland Waterfront, Shed 10 has been renovated to welcome guests from cruise ships from all over the world. It will also double as a convention centre, and as Peata Melbourne reports, Māori art is an evident inspiration in the renovations.

Hundreds of rugby fans line-up for finals tickets

More than a thousand die-hard Waikato Chiefs’ fans braved temperatures as low as one degree in Hamilton this morning to get tickets for their team's Super Rugby final against the Brumbies on Saturday.