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Rāapa 26 Pipiri 2013

Published: 6:54PM Wednesday June 26, 2013

  • NZ Post announce more job cuts
    NZ Post announce more job cuts

NZ Post announce more job cuts

New Zealand Post has announced 500 full and part time jobs will be axed from mail processing centres. Centres in Wellington, Waikato and Dunedin along with 54 smaller sites will be shut down and the work transferred elsewhere.

‘Younger generation complacent over Māori language’

The efforts towards the revitalisation of the Māori language have seen programmes established like Kōhanga Reo, Mā Te Reo, language strategies and many more. But despite the renaissance, are we now seeing a complacent generation of Māori uprising taking these forces for granted and coming along for the ride?

Ngāti Manawa launches its own curriculum

Ngāti Manawa has launched a new curriculum, Mōku Te Awatea, and its guiding principles are incorporated within Te Kura Kaupapa Motuhake o Tawhiuau, which acknowledges Ngāti Manawatanga, past, present and future.

Ikaroa-Rāwhiti: Strong Labour support in Kahungunu

Two days until the Ikaroa-Rawhiti by-election voting day, and the contenders are working hard to win the majority vote. In our travels into Kahungunu tribal land, support for Labour is apparent, but the residents of small communities like Flaxmere and Maraenui challenge that if they vote for Labour, they better get something out of it.

Treaty progress at a standstill for Ngāti Kahu

Progress towards settling the historical Treaty of Waitangi grievances of Far North iwi Ngāti Kahu is at a standstill. A stalemate between Minister of Treaty Negotiations Chris Finlayson and Ngāti Kahu has come about over partial settlement.

Govt to help fund Auckland city rail link

There's been a change of heart from the Government with it set to announce plans to partly fund the Auckland City Rail Link. The 3.5 kilometre, $2.6 billion underground rail line has been on the Auckland Council's wish list for a while now and it looks as if the Government will back it.

Mandela remains in critical condition

The family of Nelson Mandela and tribal elders are gathering at the former president's rural homeland in eastern South Africa, as concern grows for the 94-year-old leader who remains in critical condition.

Man arrested for assault on missing Rawene woman

The police have charged a 43-year-old man for a historical assault on Barbara Moka, the missing Rawene woman. The man was in Kaikohe court this afternoon facing charges over assaulting Moka in January.