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Rāapa 21 Whiringa-ā-nuku 2015

Published: 8:00PM Wednesday October 21, 2015

  • Radio New Zealand (Source: ONE News)
    Radio New Zealand - Source: ONE News

RNZ Māori content resources should go to iwi radio following cuts: Labour

They've cut Māori program content, so cut their funding. That's the call today from a Māori MP who's critical of Māori programme cuts at Radio New Zealand (RNZ). However, RNZ management say changes were made to allow better integration within the company. But critics say it's more a case of disintegration of Māori content.

Māori TV to stay in Auckland

Māori Television is staying in Auckland.     After considering submissions from parties representing Rotorua, Hamilton and Auckland, the board of Māori Television has decided to keep operations in the country's largest city. Sites in south and west Auckland are being considered. Another option is to remain at the current Newmarket premises. The existing lease on that site ends in 2017.

Environment Aotearoa highlights threats to environment

Falling water quality and the impact of farming have been highlighted as serious threats to our environment in a major Government report. Environment Aotearoa is the first report of its kind which evaluates the state of our natural resources. It hoped the data will help authorities - including iwi - better assess environmental impact of human activity.

Where is the plan to address high obesity rates of Māori?

The Government’s plan to attack child obesity has been met with some criticism by Māori asking – where is the plan to address the high rates of obesity of Māori? Māori have long been over represented in obesity statistics and it’s a problem both in children and adults that isn’t going away.

Declined - application to have original treaty documents displayed at Te Tī, Waitangi Day 2016

Disputes about the treaty of Waitangi are commonplace, but in this case the row is about the actual document. National Archives has blocked a bid for the treaty to be displayed at next year’s Waitangi Day commemorations. It was hoped the treaty would be exhibited to mark the opening of the Waitangi Museum. But the archives' curators say it's too risky. That decision has infuriated Northland leaders who have promised protests.

Architecture company working to build and design marae with the environment in mind

It's an architect company that's different from most. Its mission is to work with people and the environment. Since its inception in Aotearoa, APA Architects has been working extensively with iwi designing and building marae structures. They are customer driven and place a high value on both tikanga and whakapapa of all their clients – Māori and non-Māori alike.

Health expert calls for immediate action on Māori cancer rates

She is the sole New Zealander - and Māori - author who contributed to an international paper on cancer among indigenous peoples. Dr Lis Ellison-Loschmann says the disproportionate number of Māori suffering cancer diseases needs immediate action.

Welcome to Ahuriri Airport Hawke’s Bay

Hawke’s Bay Airport is changing its name to Ahuriri Airport Hawke’s Bay. The airport board ele cted to have the name reverted to the ancestral name of the area. Mana whenua, Te Whanganui a Orotu, are welcoming the move as ‘significant’, ‘historic’, and ‘about time’. The name change won’t become official until the terminal redevelopment project is completed in 2017.

Back to the drawing board for Silver Ferns

Australia walks away with a win after beating Silver Ferns 50 - 44 in the first game of the Constellation Cup last night. It seemed consistency over ruled, Australia proving too fit for the ferns. Pere Wihongi caught up with them prior to departure at Christchurch Airport.