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Rāapa 18 Mahuru 2013

Published: 7:01PM Wednesday September 18, 2013

Politics: Charter school battle lines drawn

Opposition parties are still vowing to close down charter schools if they become the next government. Both Labour and the Greens say research of charter schools overseas says there is no guarantee charter schools will work for Māori kids. So why not support the examples of successful schools we already have in this country?

Northland trust committed to charter school

Te Taikokerau MP isn’t sold on the idea of the government’s new proposed charter schools and for a long time Harawira has opposed the initiative. But he may have to reconsider his stance considering two of those schools may reside in his region.

Turkish designer criticised for misappropriating Māori designs

A Turkish designer on show at the London Fashion Week is getting some Māori worked up. The designer is Gul Agis and her collection is called Tribal Attitude. At first there was no mention of any Māori influence in her work despite the items having a distinctive Māori look. Instead the collection was said to be inspired by Turkey's rich heritage and riots which took place in Istanbul earlier this year.

Māori commercial operators support Govt snapper quota

Some Māori-owned fishing vessels support the Government's new snapper fishing law, but there are concerns about the large amount of fish wasted by these vessels.

Therapeutic framework for TBI embraces Māori practices

International research shows minority culture and indigeneity are risk factors or traumatic brain injury (TBI) and face differential treatment by rehabilitation services. But a therapeutic framework created by Dr Hinemoa Elder utilises Māori practices for rehabilitation.

Iwi backs its members to put their hands up for local body elections

Te Arawa are getting behind and supporting members of their iwi who are candidates for several positions on the Rotorua District Council, Lakes District Health Board and the Bay of Plenty Regional Council.