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Räapa 13 Pipiri 2012

Published: 3:48PM Wednesday June 13, 2012

Government set to tackle Cyber-Bullies
The government says it will fast-track a law commission report looking at ways of reducing the harm caused by cyber-bullying. Justice Minister Judith Collins said she had asked the commission to make the report a priority. It would investigate potential law changes, including introducing a new offence of maliciously impersonating another person on the internet.

Outspoken GP resigns amidst speculation
A popular and outspoken GP has resigned from a Maori health organisation in the far north. There is speculation that his unwillingness to treat only those that can afford is what has lead to his resignation.

Accusations of deception levelled at the Crown
Members of a Wellington tribe have accused the crown of deceiving them. Taranaki Whanui were before the Waitangi Tribunal today claiming the crown is offering a large number of properties within their region to another iwi. Taranaki Whanui are unhappy, labelling it as contemporary confiscation.

Auckland Council to get tough on drunks
The establishment of a taskforce to prevent drunken people from causing havoc in central Auckland is a primary focus for the Auckland City Council. The group will introduce a one-way door policy, target people who 'pre-load' in their cars and increase patrols using community groups including maori Wardens. They also hope to introduce policies that target off-license outlets.

Rest-home workers industrial action comes to an end
A pay dispute between workers in elderly care centres and their employers - Oceana Gold - has reached an end, and with it ends nine months of strikes and negotiations. According to one Maori worker, it's heartening to know their work is valued.

Maori in Malaysian trade talks 
A Maori delegation is heading to Malaysia shortly with the aim of building commercial and trade links, particularly with the indeginous people there. It is a relationship that has its roots dating back to the 1960's when many Maori served in Malaysia as part of the NZ Defence Force. Matiu Clendon is heading the delegation and joined us in studio.