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If you're worried about unpredictable interest rates, it may be worth considering a split home loan.

A split home loans use a combination of fixed and floating interest rates. It's the best of both worlds as you'll be taking advantage of the currently low short-term rates, while the longer-term fixed rates offer more certainty. 

What are the advantages of a split home loan?

Flexibility: You can pay off the floating portion of the loan as fast as you like without additional cost. You can also redraw on your loan if need be.

You decide: Westpac lets you choose the fixed rate term that works for you - you can even choose a combination of fixed terms on the one loan.

It could save you more interest if you pair it with a revolving credit home loan. Click here to find out how.

It offers peace of mind: The greater the fixed portion is, the more certainty you'll have knowing what your monthly repayments will be.

Floating to fixed: It's possible to change the floating portion to a fixed term at any time.

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