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Downloads to take to open homes

Marina's tips for cracking the market

Click here for Marina's top five tips on buying your first home.

Questions to ask the real estate agent/owner

Click here to download this guide (PDF). Find out what the real estate agent might not be telling you about the property...

Keep track of where you've been

Click here to download Westpac's diary of homes visited.

What kind of home and features do you want?

Click here for Westpac's 'what I want in a home' checklist.

This will provide you with a guide of what to look for in a home. It will also help you compare and contrast different houses.

What do I need to look out for?

Click here for this handy guide on what you need to be aware of when looking at potential homes.

Try not to get carried away by the romanticism of finding your dream home and stick to the hard facts: Is the structure sound? What chattels are included in the sale? Where are the property boundaries?

Rate that house!

Westpac has also developed a handy scorecard so you can rate and compare the different homes you visit. Click here to access the scorecard.

More guides and planners

Click here for more guides on the Westpac site.

Property investment guide

Click here to find out what you need to consider when looking at property investment, and assessing the potential returns on your investment.

The TMS guide to buying your first home 

Calculate how much you could borrow

How do I apply for a home loan?

What's involved in... 

...the purchase process?

...the lending process?

Why do I need a lawyer and insurance?

More info on Westpac's Choices home loan

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