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Superstars Of Treasure Island

Louise Wallace


Name: Louise Wallace

DOB:  21/11/59

Team:  Euakafa

How does Superstars compare with your last Treasure Island Experience?

Horrific. Less hospitable location, dirty, tougher challenges, BUT my team were superb for most part

What is the most positive thing you've learnt from this experience?

I'm trying to think of one.

What is the most difficult aspect of the show for you?

The dirt, the mozzies, the heat.

What do you miss most about being away from home?

Shower, bed, booze, kids, husband, cats, food.

Who has been the toughest opponent on this series and why?

Haven't viewed anyone as real opponent cos doubted I'd be in for long.

Sum up your experience of Superstars Of Treasure Island in a sentence:

Glad it's over.

Country of Origin: New Zealand

Occupation: Broadcaster

Martial Status: Married

Children: Ashley 13 / Guy 10

Treasure Island history and achievements:

Good at giving lip, not much else. Celeb Treasure 2, host Celeb Treasure 3, Contestant STI

Career/other notable achievements:

OZ TV, TV3 News, Sport, Current Affairs, TVNZ, Weakest Link, Street Legal, Celebrity Treasure Island, National Radio "Health Matters", Radio Pacific Talkback, Sunday News "Agony Column, Secret Agent Men.