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Superstars Of Treasure Island

John 'Horse' McLeod

Name: "Horse" John McLeod

DOB:  13/4/52

Team: Euakafa

How does Superstars compare with your last Treasure Island Experience?

Not as hard

What is the most positive thing you've learnt from this experience?

Being able to show and demonstrate to contestants major and minor points on survival in a foreign environment, which I feel will enrich their lives.

What is the most difficult aspect of the show for you?

Having to return to the real "plastic" world.

What do you miss most about being away from home?

Family and surfing

Who has been the toughest opponent on this series and why?

Josh Kronfeld, due to the fact he is in his prime and having only recently stopped playing for the All Blacks and rugby in general, so he is still in top condition both physically and mentally.

Sum up your experience of Superstars Of Treasure Island in a sentence:

A beautiful idyllic setting, with great people, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Country of Origin: New Zealand

Occupation: Bricklayer/Retired Solider

Martial Status: Married 24 years

Children:  3 x teenagers

Treasure Island history and achievements:

Winner: Treasure Island Extreme
Host: Celebrity Island 2

Career/other notable achievements:

20 Years Military Service (NZ Army)
Military Survival Instructor
Combat Tracker
Combined Services Cross Country Team