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Superstars Of Treasure Island

Episode 5 Recap

In the previous week's challenges both villages won valuable prizes, and Euakafa want to use their coffee to try and get hold of one of Taunga's masks and snorkels.  They attempt to trade, led by their chief, Australian Emma Forster.  However, opposing chief Brent Todd and his Taunga are not impressed with the offer of coffee, and instead request Euakafa's much-prized airbed, mosquito net and pillows.  The negotiations go badly for Emma and so Cocksy walks out of the trade, undermining Emma's authority and ending negotiations.  Emma now knows her chief's spot is under threat. 

The first challenge is a gruelling torture test that sees the leaders of each village lie on their back with their team member's feet supporting them and holding them off the ground.  Taunga give little thought to tactics and 92 kilo chief Brent Todd tumbles early, handing the victory over to the opposition.  Back at Euakafa camp, Cocksy makes another unsuccessful attempt at spear fishing.  The team needs fish and the protein it provides if they want to survive.  They still want that mask and snorkel.  And know that they will have to attempt to trade again to get it!

The next challenge sees the chiefs take turns defending a treasure chest atop a floating pontoon.  The chief is given nothing more than a jousting stick to defend the treasure from the opposing villagers.  First up Taunga attack Euakafa's chief Emma but the three Taunga women are no match for the stronger Emma and her jousting stick.  Only Irishman Sean O'Brien manages to retrieve a few handfuls of gold coins and Euakafa claim victory, much to the relief of chief Emma.  The next day, Cocksy and Josh are determined to get the snorkel and mask in a trade, so they coach Emma in the art of negotiation.  It seems Josh is pulling the strings and Emma is merely a puppet in this village.  The former All Black seems to be merely biding his time before he stages his own coup and takes over as chief.

The second trade meeting confirms the lack of authority Emma has as chief, as she has to constantly refer to her team for advice.  Toddy manages to come away with exactly what he wants - the airbed and mosquito net.  Euakafa gets the snorkel and mask but Emma has done nothing to restore her village's faith in her as leader.

The final challenge is a game of memory.  As well as 10 pair of mystery objects hidden under coconuts, there is one set of lucky horseshoes that, if matched up, will instantly win the challenge for that village.  Euakafa go first, and through sheer luck uncover a horseshoe with the key attached, but it is eventually Taunga's Pieta Keating who finds the second horseshoe in the sand and wins the challenge for her village.  The prize is anything they wish from the whole Kingdom of Tonga - but instead of a boat or fishing net Taunga chose a watermelon!

When it comes to the elimination, Euakafa chief Emma toys with Cocksy before deciding she needs to keep males in the village to win the challenges so she sends home the other female in the village, Aroha Treacher.  The leader of the opposition, Brent Todd, then sends home weakest link Erika Takacs.

Josh Kronfield then challenges for the Euakafa chiefdom and unanimously ousts Emma.  Chief Brent Todd remains unchallenged on the Taunga side.