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Superstars Of Treasure Island

Emma Forster

Name: Emma-Janye Forster (But only Emma unless you are angry @ me.)

DOB:  30/7/1975

Team:  Euakafa

How Does Superstars compare with your last Treasure Island Experience?

This experience was far superior to the last. Physically is was harder, mentally is was harder, The calibre of contestants was higher therefore I was pushed harder. The challenges were more interesting and elimination process was better.

What is the most positive thing you've learnt from this experience?

That all of the material items you have in the "real world" are insignificant - you can live and enjoy the natural surroundings.
(But maybe we were a little too natural!!!)

What is the most difficult aspect of the show for you?

Not having pen and paper. I enjoy writing my thoughts and ideas regarding work. Having to vote people off.

What do you miss most about being away from home?

Honestly nothing. All I wanted was something cold - cold coke, or even an ice cube.

Who has been the toughest opponent on this series and why?

Josh - come could you compete against an All Black? He is physically and mentally stronger.

Sum up your experience of Superstars Of Treasure Island in a sentence:

People live their whole lives just waiting for an experience like this - I've just done it twice.

Country of Origin: Australia

Occupation:  TV Presenter and Property Developer

Martial Status: Single (As far as I know)

Children: None that I know of

Treasure Island history and achievements:

TI 2000
West Camp 3 to last on my team

Career / other notable achievements:

Australian record in game fishing
Fluent in Japanese