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Super Smart Animals

Sunday at 5pm | TV ONE

About Super Smart Animals

Super Smart Animals on TV ONE

About the show

Prepare to be amazed, entertained and even outwitted by some of the worlds greatest animal minds!

Animal intelligence is one of the hottest topics in biology. Ingenious researchers are dreaming up ever more ambitious experiments to reveal surprising new abilities in creatures from octopuses to orang-utans. Prepare to witness some of the most amazing examples ever captured on camera as this series asks: what makes some animals smarter than others, and could they even outsmart us?

In episode one, we investigate practical intelligence in animals. Fifty years ago it was thought that smart skills like tool use were defining characteristics of being human. Then Jane Goodall shocked the world by showing that chimps were capable of making and using their own tools too. Now cutting edge research is revealing ever more incredible examples of how animals understand and manipulate the world around them.

Episode two explores animals'social intelligence It was once thought impossible to study the most sophisticated forms of intelligence in animals their awareness of others, their consciousness, and their emotions.Yet thats exactly what truly groundbreaking scientists are now doing, exploring the inner workings of the animal mind in more detail than ever before.

By showing the building blocks that sculpt intelligence in the animal world, this series challenges our own perceptions of what it means to be intelligent. But who is the smartest of them all?