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About The Show

Sunday at 9.30pm

Bing takes his first tentative steps to attempt to overcome his gambling addiction; George's problems appear to be getting worse; and Bernadette begins to settle into her new life.

About the show

Meet Bing.

This lovable rogue has big plans.

He's going to make something of his life, be a provider for his girl Bernadette and his young son Joe.

There's just one problem: Bing thinks his predilection for gambling is going to help him do so.

If there's money for betting, he'll find it - and frequently lose it.

And he's always sorry.

Until the next time.

But for all his failings, Bernadette loves him; his perpetual joviality, optimism and grand fantasies for the future are usually enough to win her round.

And as for Joe, well there's always Grandad George to cheer him on at football matches when his Dad's down the bookies.

But when Bing's penchant for gambling develops into an addiction which looms so large he loses his job, his home and eventually Bernadette and nearly his sanity, there is no 'next time'.

Suddenly his whole world is at risk.

Can he win back all that he's lost?

Spurred on by his ailing, big-hearted father George, Bing finally sees the light, confronts his gambling demons and turns his life around.

Suffused with laughs, Sunshine is a bittersweet, heart-warming comedy drama about family, lost childhoods and second chances.