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Sunday March 21: Super Dad

Published: 2:42PM Thursday March 18, 2010 Source: Sunday

Super Dad
Should Cliff Robinson be paid for unstinting commitment to his two severely disabled kids? Forty years ago Cliff gave up his job and his beer to be solo Dad to Marita and Johnnie. He gave them a home, a lifestyle and bundles of love. He could have placed them in an institution but he didn't. Cliff has probably saved the state hundreds of thousands of dollars but he doesn't begrudge that because he loves his kids and wants to be a dad. However, he would appreciate a little bit of help, some financial recognition of his efforts. Does he deserve it?

Read the tribunal decision regarding Cliff Robinson and other parents who brought a class action claiming they were suffering discrimination.

Correspondent - Ian Sinclair
Producer - Max Adams
Camera - Ken Dorman
Editor - Will Kong

Dying for a biscuit

If by buying a biscuit you might be contributing to the extinction of the orang-utan and fuelling global warming, would you still treat yourself? Around the world palm oil is an ingredient found in biscuits, chocolate bars, fish fingers, cosmetics and toiletries. Our story takes us to Borneo where palm oil companies are illegally clear felling huge tracts of jungle and developing plantations on protected land. As the forest disappears at the rate of two football pitches every minute, so too does the habitat of man's closest cousin, the critically endangered orang-utan.

Check out Auckland Zoo's palm oil free shopping guide and a list of household products that don't contain palm oil.


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