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Sunday: June 29, 2008 - Finding Sarah

Published: 3:25PM Friday June 27, 2008

Finding Sarah
After 20 years in the police force, Steve made a life-changing decision. The respected officer became Sarah Lurajud, New Zealand's first openly trans-sexual cop. SUNDAY goes on the beat with a special cop - who has the courage to speak out about being different in the police force.

Useful extrenal links for people wanting more inofrmation:
Human Rights Commission inquiry into Transgender issues
Transgender support group Agender.

Real Speed Racer
Young male drivers are the same the world over. They represent an international road-kill epidemic - an addiction for speed, thrills and recklessness. But can they change? Can they BE changed? SUNDAY follows an x-treme teen driver through car boot camp.

In Pursuit Of Dancing With Danger
A tornado is one of nature's most powerful and mysterious forces, but is it possible to anticipate what sort of thunderstorm produces a tornado so people can be warned? SUNDAY looks at the daredevils who go on a death-defying twister chase to discover the dynamics of a tornado.

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