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Sunday Feb 21: Inside Avatar

Published: 8:52AM Monday February 22, 2010 Source: Sunday

Inside Avatar
If you haven't seen the 3D sci-fi fantasy movie, you certainly would have heard about it. The visual effects are breath-taking and 90% of that work is down to our own Weta Digital in Wellington. The brilliance of that work has made Weta's visual supervisor, Joe Letteri, a hot favourite for an Oscar next month. So how did he do it? How did he create that magic? He shares his secrets with
SUNDAY including fascinating behind-the-scenes footage.

n.b. The full story of Inside Avatar cannot be put online for rights reasons. Extended interviews with Joe Letteri and Mark Sagar are available.

PRODUCER - Max Adams
CAMERA - Lea Scott-Donelan
EDITOR - Shane Murray


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