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Sunday August 2: Banged up

Published: 9:29PM Wednesday July 29, 2009 Source: Sunday

Banged up
He went to China to pursue a business dream and it turned into a nightmare. Danny Cancian, entrepreneur, friend, husband and dad, was convicted of killing a man. Now he's crowded into a squalid cell at a Chinese detention centre with 40 other prisoners. He says he was fighting to save his own life. The Chinese say he went too far. A cautionary tale about travelling in China.
Reporter - Ian Sinclair
Producer - Dale Owen
Camera - Clint Bruce

In like Finn
When Neil Finn invited a few friends round for a sing-along , it included some of the biggest names in world rock music. Radiohead, Wilco... just a couple of Finn fans who turned up. Throw in Leroy and Liam Finn, not to mention wife Sharon, and things really ramped up. SUNDAY was there too.
Reporter - Cameron Bennett
Producer - Steve Butler
Camera - Ken Dorman

Rooting out terrorism
India was once Pakistan's major enemy. Now the biggest threat to the nation's security comes from within. The Taliban and al Qaeda once used mountain bases in the north to launch bombings and assassinations. Now they have broken out of their strongholds in an attempt to take over the country. Pakistan admits it can't control Islamic extremism.

ABC Four Corners
Reporter -Matthew Carney

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