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Sunday April 3: When good mums go bad

Published: 1:58PM Sunday April 03, 2011

When good mums go bad
It's very rare that television cameras are allowed behind bars, inside prison but SUNDAY takes you over the wire. We go inside Auckland Prison for Women to meet two people whose lives were undone by one bad call. Two women, two mothers, one a teacher and the other studying accountancy. They're convicted criminals now but once they had everything going for them. So what makes a good Mum go bad?

Correspondent - Simon Mercep
Producer - Julie Clothier
Editor - Nick Reid
Camera - Clint Bruce

Thrill of the chaste
There's enormous pressure on teenage girls to have sex - it screams at them from movies, videos, magazines, television and on-line. But American families are fighting back - they're determined their daughters will remain pure, chaste and untouched until their wedding day - some are even saving their first romantic kiss for the big day.

It's a credo that has spawned something called purity balls - the daughters make a virginity pledge while the dads pledge to protect their daughters' purity of mind, body and soul.

Source: Channel 7

Centre Stage
She's 21, beautiful and a self-described over-achiever. And by the way - she has an extraordinary voice, as you'd probably expect from the niece of the late Sir Howard Morrison.

Now Elizabeth Marvelly has called in favours from international stars to stage her very own fundraiser for Christchurch.

Correspondent - John Hudson
Producer - Steve Butler
Camera - Dave Pierce, Clint Bruce and Martin Anderson

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