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Sunday April 25: Every day a blessing

Published: 12:29PM Thursday April 22, 2010 Source: Sunday

Every day a blessing -The "McGimpseys" a big South Otago family , with big heart and big faith. And they've needed to call on it because life has dealt them more than a share of misfortune. Like Peter McGimpsey who they said would be lucky to see his first birthday. Seventeen years later he's still gallantly fighting. His body is slowly breaking because of a rare genetic disorder and he needs a kidney transplant. SUNDAY has been following Peter's story for two years and it's a story of hope, faith and unending optimism.

Correspondent - Simon Mercep
Producer - Julia Sartorio
Camera - Clint Bruce, Mike Dodd, Ross Wilson, Leander Scott-Donelan
Editor - Will Kong


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