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Sunday April 12: Kirsty Bentley

Published: 4:45PM Thursday April 08, 2010 Source: Sunday

In our minds, Kirsty Bentley will always be 15. That's how old the vivacious Ashburton teenager was when she was struck by a fierce blow to the back of the head and killed. Who did it? Well that's baffled police for more than a decade.

But now there's new hope, new direction in the inquiry. They've called in Detective Inspector Chuck Burton (retired), a man with a particularly grisly resume. The British copper has caught some of their worst child murderers in the past 50 years. Now he's pawed over the Kirsty Bentley files and exclusively offers his expert opinion to SUNDAY.

PRODUCER - Stephen Butler
CAMERA - Ken Dorman Jason Hull Jared Mason
EDITOR - Will Kong

Deadly heirloom

The gene killed their grandma and great-grandma by the time they were 50. It almost got their mum when she was 49. It's the notorious BRCA2, the inherited gene malfunction that means a significantly higher risk of developing breast cancer.

The Neave sisters have all tested positive for BRAC2 and now the three vibrant, young Australian women are going through the pain and heartache of having to make a decision to surgically remove their breasts while there are no symptoms of cancer. It could circumvent what is a family history of women dying young of breast cancer - a frightening reality.


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