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Sunday: September 30

Published: 6:05PM Wednesday September 26, 2012 Source: Sunday

Living in hope
It's one of the great medical mysteries and they don't know what causes it or how to cure it. But for the 4000 sufferers of the chronic and sometimes tragic disease multiple sclerosis there is a glimmer of hope, so these are exciting times. Ask Raymond Henderson from Cromwell and he's gone all the way to new York at great expense for treatment. It's new, it's controversial, it's unproven and will it work for Raymond?
Correspondent: Ian Sinclair
Producer: Chas Toogood
Camera: Clint Bruce and Jeff Aldridge 
Editor: Will Kong   

Gastro porn
She's the teasing, sensual, flirtatious foodie, but that's not how she sees herself. Nigella  Lawson introduced us to gastro-porn but when we were invited to lunch at her sumptuous Chelsea home she was puzzled by her public perception. "People mistake my intimate urgency for some sort of come-on". And as she opens up about her own body image she says has never made the mistake of equating thinness with health.
On SUNDAY we are at home with the queen of cuisine.
Sunday Night - CH7

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