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Sunday, September 25

Published: 2:03PM Tuesday September 20, 2011

Return of the Diary
He described it as one of the greatest moments of his life - and there have been many in his 96 years. When a little leather-bound wartime diary was handed back to Alberto Toni in his home village of Bagnacavallo in northern Italy, he broke down and had to be helped to a chair.

Janet McIntyre is with him when Taranaki farmer Ron Miller finally returns the diary after 70 years.

Correspondent - Janet McIntyre
Producer - Julia Sartorio
Camera - Dave Pierce
Editor - Will Kong

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A baby's touch
The powerful and emotional story of Yoshi and Emma De Silva and the healing power of a baby's touch.

About three weeks after giving birth, Emma was hit by a car as she took her newborn for a walk. Yoshi was told his wife would either die or live with brain injuries for the rest of her life. But what they didn't count on, was the extraordinary connection between mother and child.

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Nalini who?
She's huge in the literary circles of New York but at home in Mt Albert few would know her. Nalini Singh has made more than $1 million from writing romantic novels, so she's one of New Zealand's biggest-selling authors.

But as Nalini explains, romance writers don't get the respect other genres get.

Is Nalini Singh our very own home-grown JK Rowling?

Correspondent - Tim Wilson
Producer - Julie Clothier
Camera - Douglas Higginbotham
Editor - Will Kong

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