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Sunday: September 23

Published: 3:42PM Wednesday September 19, 2012 Source: Sunday

Bad Milk
It can be likened to every baby born in NZ in the past five years being poisoned. It's the Chinese contaminated baby formula scandal. And only now are we learning of the full extent of the tragedy. While the Chinese have played it down. some experts say hundreds, possibly thousands of babies could have died from the poisoned milk formula. So, the SANLU/FONTERRA melamine milk scandal has not gone away. And what responsibility does New Zealand have to the grieving families and the sick children.
Correspondent: John Hudson
Producers: Dale Owens & Portia Mao
Camera: Ken Dorman
Editor: Belinda Trott

A Year On Ice
Stunning images of what it's like to live at the bottom of the plant for a whole year took 15 years, including nine winters of 24 hour darkness and numbing cold, to get. It's a movie from the viewpoint of the workers at the frozen outpost. It is the Antarctic in time lapse, the Antarctic in a way which has never been seen before.
Correspondent: Peter Cronshaw
Producer: Max Adams
Camera: Ken Dorman
Editor: Will Kong

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