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Sunday September 18: Dancing superstar

Published: 4:21PM Thursday September 15, 2011 Source: Sunday

More than a man in tights
He's mad on martial arts and he rides a grunty, big Harley. But Ethan Stiefel is also American ballet royalty - principal dancer at the American Ballet Theater, dancing at the Metropolitan Opera House in New York - the famous Met. So imagine the uproar when he decided he was leaving the bustle of the Big Apple for Wellywood for a country of 4 million people and 70 million sheep, as The Guardian reported.
Stiefel has been appointed artistic director of the Royal New Zealand Ballet. And as part of a great two-for-one deal we get Gillian Murphy as well she's Stiefels ballerina fiancee also dancing at the Met. So what's the attraction for Stiefel? Why Wellington over New York?
PRODUCER - Julie Clothier
CAMERAS - Douglas Higginbotham and Clint Bruce
EDITOR - Nigel McPhee

The price of a punch
It was an all too common altercation fuelled by alcohol. Luke Adams was out with his mates one night in Perth when he was king-hit - he took just one punch to the head.
But it sent him spiralling backwards, cracking his head on the road. Next minute his parents are confronted with the most difficult and heart breaking decision. Doctors advise them Luke's prognosis is dismal and they should consider turning off his life support system.
Should they let him die with dignity or let him live in a vegetative state. What should they do? What would you do?

Luke's family has started a foundation to educate young people on the impact of violence. If you want to know more  click here. 

Unfortunately you are unable to watch the stoy here as we do not have the licensing rights to stream this story our our website. However, you can catch this story repeated on our programme next Sunday morning.


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