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Paradise lost?

Published: 5:31PM Wednesday July 21, 2010 Source: Sunday

Paradise lost?
It's just a sliver of land in the Pacific, two hours north of Fiji - nine coral atolls and 11,000 people. Tuvalu is the fourth smallest country in the world but it has huge problems. It's dependent on aid, can't provide for itself, has a major rubbish pollution problem and is the one place on Earth most vulnerable to the effects of global warming. It's in danger of being gobbled up by the rising tide - or is it?

PRODUCER - Julia Sartorio
CAMERA - Clint Bruce
EDITOR -Will Kong

Brother princes

Exclusive access and rare interviews with Princes William and Harry on their recent trip to southern Africa. In Lesotho on their first joint overseas tour, the Princes talk about their passion for the continent and their charity work. They also talk intimately about their bond as brothers, what they think of each other, what their mother would have made of them and William's future as King. And there's liberal lashings of brotherly banter!


The long goodbye

Divorce is one of the most stressful and painful things a family can go through. The recession has just made it a whole lot worse by creating divorces without separation. Because of the downturn and falling house markets in the US, many couples in the throes of divorce are forced to continue living together because they can't sell their homes.Families stuck living together are on SUNDAY.


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