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Operation Tropic Twilight - part one

Published: 8:37PM Sunday August 15, 2010 Source: Sunday

They descended on the tiny Pacific atoll from the air and sea - more than 300 New Zealand Defence Force personnel, police, Red Cross and Ministry of Health people deployed to Tuvalu which had been ravaged by an imaginary disaster, a tropical cyclone.

It was a tactical and strategic exercise which offered the island some very real help.

Surgeons performed 40 operations not normally available on the island, a kilometre of guttering and spouting was replaced, schools repaired, earth works done and derelict cars and rubbish removed.

New Zealanders helped put a little paradise back into Tuvalu and SUNDAY was there.

PRODUCER - Julia Sartorio
CAMERA - Clint Bruce
EDITOR - Vicky Harker


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