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Sunday: October 30

Published: 7:42PM Thursday October 27, 2011 Source: Sunday

One man and three wives 

The Mormon Church is enjoying enormous popular culture success, there's a Broadway blockbuster based on Mormon missionaries and a slick new advertising campaign aimed at demystifying the faith.

But many people still harbour deep suspicions of the church.  Its is also plagued by its polygamist past, plural marriages, men taking more than one wife.

Now two Mormons are having a tilt at the Commander-in-Chief's job.

Mitt Romney and John Huntsman knocking on the door of the Oval Office. The Mormon church is America's own home-grown brand of Christianity: clean-cut, wholesome, righteous,  god-fearing. 

But is the nation ready for a Mormon President?


In Ed's footsteps

She's Annie Doyle, born in the shadow of Mt Pirongia but headed to the top of the world. 

This Kiwi mother of two moved to Australia for the lifestyle but it wasn't enough. Danger is what really gets her going, climbing dangerous mountains and the bigger, the more dangerous the better.

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