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The Mysteries Of Laura

Series 1, Episode 3 The Mystery Of The Biker Bar 26 Jan 15 00:40:19

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Sunday: October 21

Published: 9:02AM Friday October 19, 2012 Source: Sunday


All 18-year old Christie Marceau wanted and deserved was to feel safe. She felt terrified in her own home after a crazed young neighbour kidnapped her at knifepoint.

In desperation, she wrote to a District Court judge for help. But, the protection she badly wanted didn't happen and a month later Christie was dead.

Her grieving and distraught family want answers.

What could have been done to save Christie?

Correspondent - Ian Sinclair
Producer - Steve Butler, Jane Skinner
Camera - Dave Pierce, Vaughan Scott
Editor - Nick Reid


Barry Gibb, "the last Bee Gee standing", is determined to keep the legend alive.

Nothing is off limits in this chat with Barry, and he's near tears as he discusses the loss of his brothers publicly for the first time.