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Sunday October 2: AJ the Messiah

Published: 3:41PM Thursday September 29, 2011 Source: Sunday

AJ the Messiah

He's Alan James Miller, but he says he is actually the Messiah, he is actually Jesus. And by his side is Mary - Mary Magdalene.

The charismatic AJ Miller used to develop real estate but now he has developed a substantial rural religious compound in Queensland where he and his sect members, including New Zealanders and many children, are preparing for an apocalyptic end.

Cult experts have drawn parallels with WACO and Jonestown which both ended in mass suicide.

Miller, aka Jesus, is surrounded by people who have walked out on marriages and businesses. They have forsaken all to follow 'Jesus'.

The cult experts say it's ominous and unlikely to end well.

TV ONE, Sunday night 7.30pm - Channel 7

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