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Sunday: October 14

Published: 1:32PM Wednesday October 10, 2012 Source: Sunday

The War on Wheat
Is the wheat in our food toxic? Is it making us sick? Or are we getting paranoid? There are 200,000 New Zealanders on a gluten-free diet and the gluten-free food industry is flourishing. However some doctors say, for most people, there is no justification for cutting this protein from their meals. Then there's the American cardiologist who says "if you want ideal health eat nothing made of wheat". Who is right, is there a right  and who should we believe?
Reporter: John Hudson
Producer: Julie Clothier
Editor: Will Kong
Camera: David Pierce, Ken Dorman, Clint Bruce

The Herbsmen
They chimed in on the major events of their time. Mururoa, the Springbok tour, Bastion Point and nuclear testing. They also gave us our alternative SLICE OF HEAVEN.
Herbs have been churning out their 'pacific reggae' for more than 30 years. What makes these guys tick? Where do they get their passion and heart?
Reporter: Miriama Kamo
Producer: Mark Sleeman
Camera: Clint Bruce  
Editor: Belinda Trott   

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