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Sunday: May 13

Published: 3:48PM Friday May 11, 2012 Source: Sunday

Insult to injury
Chris Moran is the salt of the earth - a loving husband and father with a passion for sport. Even when he broke his neck in a rugby accident he soldiered on, got things done, paid his way, never asked for a cent. Now Chris is fighting the biggest battle of his life - one which is destroying him physically and mentally. Now he needs our help, why can't he get it?
Correspondent: Amanda Millar
Producer: Julie Clothier
Camera: Dave Pierce
Editor: Belinda Trott

Prosperity, opportunity & poverty
SUNDAY comes face to face with the "have-nots" in the USA . The numbers living in deep poverty have exploded under President Obama - the American dream of freedom, prosperity, opportunity and success becoming more and more unobtainable for millions of poor. For some, the last resort has become life in a stormwater drain beneath the glitz of Las Vegas or in a tent village just off the motorway. We also meet the kids who have "ketchup soup" for dinner and go to bed with their tummies rumbling.
BBC Panorama

The reluctant star
Kiwi Chris Lacy works amongst the bleeding, broken and near dead of London. She's a nurse, a trauma specialist at  one of Londons busiest emergency departments - she's also the reluctant star of 24 HOURS IN A AND E - the acclaimed British documentary watched by millions of viewers around the world.
SUNDAY talks with Chris Lacy, the unflappable conductor of the emergency room.
Correspondent: Garth Bray
Producer: Jane Skinner
Camera: Jason Hull
Editor: Will Kong

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