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Sunday: May 11

Published: 2:08PM Wednesday May 07, 2014 Source: Sunday

  • Parents of a girl with severe epilepsy believe medicinal cannabis will help their daughter (Source: Sunday)
    Parents of a girl with severe epilepsy believe medicinal cannabis will help their daughter - Source: Sunday

Would you break the law to save your childs life? Some Kiwi parents are doing just that and others are ready to if necessary.
They believe medicinal cannabis is the most effective treatment for severe epilepsy.
And they have the cautious backing of doctors who say overseas results are promising.
But the twist is this cannabis wont get you high.
These parents bravely speak out this week on SUNDAY.
Reporter : Ian Sinclair
Producer: Julia Sartorio
Cameras: Dave Pierce, Cameron Williams
Editor: Will Kong

One of the most inspirational stories of brotherly love you'll ever see.
7-year-old Calyn Hoad saved his younger brothers life. When he saw his little brother run in front of a 4-wheel drive, Calyn raced after him, pushed him out of the way, and took the full impact himself.
This week, Calyn's Kiwi mum - from Tokoroa - and Australian dad talk about that terrible day and their hopes for his recovery.

If you wish to make a donation, here are the details;
Commonwealth Bank of Australia
Account name: Bringing Calyn Home appeal
Account number: 10456976
Bsb number: 064722
If you require a receipt please inbox on Facebook page “Bringing Calyn Home” with your details and you will sent an offical receipt.

Channel 7 Sunday Night

When a family started revealing long-held secrets about the disappearance of a little girl 50 years ago, it unearthed another dark family secret.
This week, we return to the case of missing toddler Betty Wharton and discover new developments.
Reporter : Ian Sinclair
Producers: Louisa Cleave, Chris Cooke
Cameras: Dave Pierce, Peter Day
Editor - Belinda Trott

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