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Published: 4:17PM Thursday April 28, 2011 Source: ONE News

Chicken boy
He spent eight of his formative years foraging in a chicken coop, living just like the chooks. He was rescued from the coop and spent the next 22 years tethered like a wild animal to a bed in an old folks home. He couldn't communicate, was unkempt and covered in sores.
Then along came Elizabeth Clayton - business woman, socialite, philanthropist - who is on a mission from God to right wrong, to humanise Chicken Boy and to give him a chance.
Correspondent - John Hudson
Producer - Dale Owens
- Dave Pierce
Editor - Will Kong

Boy with tape on his face
He gags himself with Duct Tape so he can't talk and has his audience in convulsions. It's clever home-made slap stick comedy. Boy With Tape On His Face is the darling of the Edinburgh festival , a star of the upcoming Comedy Festival, he's hot, he's very very funny and he's on SUNDAY.
Correspondent - John Hudson
Producer - Max Adams
- Heloise Le Gros

A royal romance
After the exchange of vows, after the bells of Westminster Cathedral fall silent, after every thread of the bridal gown has been picked over and the world has gorged itself on THE wedding &what next, what will it mean for the Royal family?
After decades of scandal, many believe William, a king in waiting, and Kate, a commoner, will be the saviour of the Royal Family.
In this special report, SUNDAY meets the friends who speak frankly and fondly.
They talk of the days at university, the parties, of living together, the break-up and the future.
Correspondent - Rhani Sadler
 - Channel 7



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