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Sunday: March 25

Published: 12:35PM Wednesday March 21, 2012 Source: Sunday

Catch me if you can

He offended for three decades and challenged authorities to catch him.

He groomed girls to pose for sexually graphic photo shoots, and he was so manipulative he managed to do it right under the noses of parents.

All the time he was living in a comfortable suburb of Auckland unbeknown to neighbours and nearby schools. Who was he and how did he get away with it for so long?


PRODUCER - Dale Owens

CAMERA - Ken Dorman and Clint Bruce

EDITOR - Will Kong

Michael J Fox exclusive

Hollywood's most inspirational star opens his heart about his battle with Parkinson's disease. It is 20 years since Michael J. Fox was diagnosed and in this exclusive, he is still the incurable optimist.

Michael J Fox no longer wants to hide, but instead wants to talk about his "charmed life" and his mission to find a cure. Michael J is at his frank and hopeful best.


Inside the Breakers family

It is a local professional ball club which has turned basketball into family fare, filled the stadiums with adoring and loyal fans and above all is winning, beating Australians.

Leading the turn-around of the ho-hum Breakers is a local entrepreneur who loved basketball so much he bought the team.

He runs the franchise as a business but loves the players like family. It is muffins and brownies at one end winning at making money at the other.


PRODUCER - Dale Owens

CAMERA -Clint Bruce


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