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Sunday: March 22

Published: 1:16PM Friday March 20, 2015 Source: Sunday

  • Lucy Knight with her family. (Source: Sunday)
    Lucy Knight with her family. - Source: Sunday

The Good Samaritan

It was an attack that outraged the country - Lucy Knight, on her weekly shop outside her local supermarket, saw a teenage boy snatching another woman’s handbag.

The mother of six stepped in, told him to stop, and was punched to the ground.

A blow so severe it turned Lucy’s world on its head.

Reporter - Libby Middlebrook
Producer - Carolyne Meng-Yee
Camera - Peter Day, Ken Dorman.
Editor - Will Kong

French Connection

She ruled our TV screens for 13 years as the face of ‘Food in a Minute’. Solving that daily dilemma of what to have for dinner.

But Allyson Gofton has taken some time out and been on a bit of a personal journey in the last couple of years. One that’s taken her from ‘Food in a Minute’ to French cuisine.

Reporter - Lisa Davies
Producer - Joanne Mitchell
Camera - Cam Williams
Editor - Nick Reid, Gary Young



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