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Sunday: March 20

Published: 10:59AM Thursday March 17, 2016 Source: Sunday

  •  (Source: TVNZ)
    Source: TVNZ


Desperate Kiwis are being denied life - saving drugs because our government won’t buy them. Too  expensive it says  – they are officially out of our reach.  

But guess what, there’s a way to get these wonder drugs  – it’s controversial and risky. The Kiwis and the buyers’ club that’s helping them save their lives.   

Reporter: John Hudson
Producer:  Louisa Cleave
Camera:  Peter Day
Editor: Paul Anderson


Mass murderer Anders Breivik’s Nazi salute in court this week  brought back the day  Breivik killed Vanessa Svebakk’s daughter, Sharidyn,  his youngest victim, among 76 others .

In an exclusive interview Vanessa Svebakk talks about her family’s new life in New Zealand  and  hits back at Breivik for the pain he continues to inflict on his victims’ families

Reporter: Janet McIntyre
Producer:  Steve Butler
Camera:  Ken Dorman
Editor: Rochelle Grace

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