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Sunday: March 16

Published: 2:31PM Thursday March 13, 2014 Source: Sunday

  • A person takes painkillers. (Source: Sunday)
    A person takes painkillers. - Source: Sunday

Pain Killer


A prescription painkiller with the potential to turn ordinary Kiwis into addicts. It might be effective but it’s stronger than morphine, more expensive… and you’re paying for it. SUNDAY investigates what you need to know about this drug.


Reporter: Jehan Casinader

Producers: Carolyne Meng-Yee, Steve Butler

Cameras: Gary Hopper, Mike Lowe, Sam von Keisenberg,

Editor: Belinda Trott



The Sundance Kid


 He’s one of Hollywood’s most iconic leading men. Robert Redford has acted in some of greatest films of all time and directed many of them too.

Now he’s playing his loneliest and most difficult role. There’s no dialogue and just one actor – himself.





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