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Sunday: March 15

Published: 4:22PM Wednesday March 11, 2015 Source: Sunday

  • Rhianna Boyd (Source: Sunday)
    Rhianna Boyd - Source: Sunday

Finding Hope
Eighteen-year-old Rhianna Boyd is in the grip of a powerful disease which could kill her. For four years she's been fighting off the demons which make her scared of what she might do next. Her family has had to learn how to manage the isolation and shame of their daughter's sickness.

What's the key to Rhianna's recovery? She shares her intimate story of despair and hope with SUNDAY this week.

Reporter: John Hudson
Producer: Jane Skinner
Camera: Cam Williams
Editor: Rochelle Grace

If you, or someone you know needs help or support with eating disorders, here are some useful contacts;

0800 2 EDANZ

Black Widow
One moment they were a picture perfect family - loving, happy and prosperous. The next dad was dead, mum was under arrest for ordering his brutal murder and two brothers were forced to contemplate the unthinkable.

If their mother was found guilty, how would they feel about her possible punishment, the death penalty.

We go inside another life and death saga playing out in Bali.

Sunday Night - Ch7

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