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Sunday: March 11

Published: 12:38PM Friday March 09, 2012 Source: Sunday

Black market babies

Sunday exposes the sad and callous trade in human life.

It is an international baby trafficking ring busted by the FBI, and the kingpin is a New Zealand granny from Lower Hutt. Carla Chambers is facing charges in a San Diego court.


PRODUCER - Jo Mitchell

CAMERA - Ken Dorman

EDITOR - Will Kong

A 'fracking' mess

Fracking is either a godsend or a threat to life as we know it.

Fracking is the controversial new drilling process tapping previously inaccessible deposits of oil and gas.

Proponents say 'fracking' has created an oil and gas Eldorado.

Opponents say it pollutes the air and water, irreparably damages the landscape and causes devastating health problems. Who's right, should we worry?

ABC - Foreign Correspondent

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