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Sunday: March 1

Published: 2:16PM Friday February 27, 2015 Source: Sunday

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It was one of Christchurch's most brutal crimes - a young woman, raped and murdered in the grounds of a primary school. But of the three men jailed for the killing - one always stood out.

Mike October - a man who confessed to being at the scene of the crime, but then said he didn't do it.

There was no DNA evidence against him, and the other two killers, said he wasn't even there.

So why was October found guilty? And what did the jury never hear? A special SUNDAY investigation.

Reporter - Libby Middlebrook
Producers - Chris Cooke, Louisa Cleave
Camera - Peter Day
Editor - Will Kong


The boy with no face

A Moroccan boy with no eyes, nose or mouth has captured the attention of our Australian neighbours. 

After a worldwide appeal for help, a surgeon across the ditch is planning cranio-facial reconstruction on him to give him - for the first time - a normal face.

Channel 7 ‘Sunday Night’

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