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Sunday: June 3

Published: 4:07PM Thursday May 31, 2012

Not guilty again
For five years he and his close-knit family lived a nightmare. George Gwaze, accused of murdering and violating his own adopted daughter.
Acquitted at his first trial the Crown had another go. But expert after expert from overseas came forth saying that her death was related to overwhelming infection alongside her HIV.
Local doctors got it wrong they said. And the DNA found on underwear&nothing more than we would see in our own laundry baskets.  It's a case that should concern us all.
Watch the full story on the case against George Gwaze.
Correspondent: Janet McIntyre
Producer: Chris Cooke & Steve Butler
Camera:  Ken Dorman
Editor: Belinda Trott

Billionaires behaving badly
Glencore is a huge multi-national company making a fantastic fortune from crops to crude oil  and copper. It was established by a man who is now on the most wanted list, and the current boss became a billionaire five times over when the company was publicly listed last year. Now Glencore is accused of reckless greed, child exploitation and destroying the environment.
John Sweeney - BBC Panorama    

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