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Sunday: June 28

Published: 10:01AM Friday June 26, 2015 Source: Sunday

  • Classroom (Source: ONE News)
    Classroom - Source: ONE News

Bibles in Schools

There's a growing crusade to get the bible out of state primary schools.

More than 600 schools around the country have bible classes for their students. But now, some parents are saying religious classes have no place in our modern, multi-cultural schools and that it's nothing more than indoctrination.

It's an issue dividing parents and it's our kids who are caught in the crossfire.

Reporter - Ian Sinclair
Producer - Steve Butler
Cameras - Cam Williams, Peter Day Editor - Will Kong

Fade 6o Darkness

What would you want to see if you knew very soon you'd go blind?

Kathryn, Sam and Matthew White are kids on a mission to see everything they can before they lose their sight to a rare genetic disorder.

Unknowingly, their mother passed a faulty gene on to her children and together, the family is now in a race against time to complete a 'must-see' bucket list.

Channel 7 "Sunday Night"

Queen's Young Leader

Tabby Besley is a young woman striving to make our country a safer place for queer youth. Many grow up feeling isolated and alone, something Tabby is trying to change with her queer support network. Now her volunteer organisation InsideOUT has a presence in dozens of schools nationwide. And this week, her brave leadership has been recognised by the Queen in a special ceremony at Buckingham Palace.

Reporter Libby Middlebrook
Producer Louisa Cleave
Camera Peter Day, Barrington West
Editor Natalie Hughes

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