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Sunday: June 2

Published: 10:24AM Wednesday May 29, 2013 Source: Sunday

Love a shark

"If sharks could scream then there is no way this could be happening."

Filmmaker Mike Bhana with a challenging thought on finning - a practice widely held as barbaric and shameful.

NZ’s at the forefront of this dark industry, slicing off shark’s fins which end up luxury soup for rich Asians.

Only the fin is taken. The rest of the carcass is dumped, the shark having a slow agonising death on the floor of the ocean.

On SUNDAY this week Bhana and Marine biologist Riley Elliott, with his film star good looks, talk of their passion for sharks.

Riley can stare a white pointer in the eyes and say he’s gorgeous. He can forget the shark's reputation as a finely tuned killing machine and say they are "puppy dogs with teddy bear eyes".

And he’s worried for the future of the shark if we continue to plunder the stocks.

Riley’s also doing some positive PR for sharks. "More people die from bee stings than shark attacks," he says.

While we were filming for this story SUNDAY correspondent Peter Cronshaw had an up close encounter with a white pointer although he was safely behind the bars of a shark cage off Stewart Island where the predators abound.

The pictures are heart-stopping and spectacular.

So is the shark of more value to us alive as an adventure touris attraction than on the dinner tables of the well-heeled in Asia?

Correspondent: Peter Cronshaw
Producer: Chas Toogood
Camera:Clint Bruce
Editor: Belinda Trott

King Kong

He's a million dollar, six metre tall, one tonne puppet. He is one impressive contraption.

It is the latest reincarnation of the world's biggest ape...a sophisticated hi-tech puppet. And 80 years after he first appeared on film in New York, King Kong is about to tread the boards in Melbourne in an all-singing, all-dancing stage musical.


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