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Sunday, July 24

Published: 5:52PM Wednesday July 20, 2011 Source: Sunday

Agony of choice

It's a choice we're all faced with as parents - when we have a baby do we vaccinate or not?

How can we make a rational decision? We are bombarded with highly charged arguments from both sides of the vaccination spectrum.

Health authorities are saying they want 95% of children immunised in this country. But are we being fully informed before taking our kids for the jab?

Are the authorities, doctors and pharmaceutical companies telling us everything we need to know so we can consider what is best for our kids.

Do the benefits outweigh the pitfalls?

How rational is the argument from anti-vaccine lobby?

It's the debate that won't go away.

Correspondent - Ian Sinclair

Producer - Dale Owens

Camera - Ken Dorman

Editor - Elisabeth Topping


The Dark Arts

Top cops have resigned, journalists have been jailed, a newspaper closed down and there's been an apparent suicide. That's just some of the fallout from the Rupert Murdoch News International affair.

This week on Sunday, the BBC Panorama team stitches together the hacking scandals and other malpractices that threaten to bring down one of the of the world's biggest and most powerful media companies.

In the industry they call it Dark Arts - doing anything, legal or illegal, to get the story and sell newspapers.

But when they hacked into a dead schoolgirl's phone, it was one step too far.

BBC Panorama

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